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Who to Hold Accountable in Product Liability Claims

| May 5, 2016 | Uncategorized

If you’re taking legal action to recover for the injuries you’ve sustained from a defective product, the first step is identifying who is liable for your injuries. The person, or company, you hold accountable may be named as defendants in your claim. From the moment the product was designed to when you purchased it, some people or companies participated in its production. To help identify who is liable, you’ll need to
look at the chain of distribution. In this blog, our Oneonta product liability attorney explains who you can hold accountable for your injuries.


The manufacturer is the first link in a product’s chain of distribution, and it can range from a small-scale, locally-owned business to a national or international corporation. In some cases, the product’s defect could be a small part of a larger product. If so, you’ll want to include the manufacturer of the defective part, as well.


Although the store from which you purchased the product may not be solely responsible for its defect, you can hold them responsible for selling you the defective product in the first place. It’s important to remember that this isn’t a question of naming someone a defendant over the other – you can hold multiple people accountable for your injuries.

Wholesaler or Distributor

In between the product being manufactured and then sold to the retailer, there are some “middlemen” who participate in the product’s production. They can be wholesalers, distributors, or suppliers. Because of their involvement, they can be held accountable for the defect and therefore named as the defendant in your claim.

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