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What is Failure to Maintain?

| Aug 1, 2016 | Uncategorized

Truck accidents are most commonly caused by some form of mechanical error found in the truck. There are a number of basic regulations truck drivers are expected and required to follow, which are outlined to ensure the safety of other drivers, but oftentimes truck drivers fail to perform
these routine checks.

Failure to Maintain Tires

Just as it would on a normal passenger vehicle, failing to maintain tire quality and pressure can cause a tire blowout. On a large commercial truck, however, a tire blowout could be catastrophic. Federal laws pertaining to truck safety on the highway mandates that those who drive semi-trucks install a tire pressure monitor system that accurately detects and determines air pressure in the trucks’ tires.

Failure to Maintain Brakes

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, an organization that aims to reduce the number and severity of trucking accidents, found that nearly 20% of semi-trucks that had gone through inspection were found to have some type of brake defect. As perhaps the most crucial component of truck safety, compromising the quality of a truck’s brakes means risking the safety of other drivers on the road.

Failure to Maintain Trailers

By law, truck drivers are obligated to make sure that the truck’s tractor trailer is not only safely secured, but at no risk of detaching at any point during his or her commute. Improperly aligning a trailer to the back of a truck will add extra pressure and strain on the trucks tires, which will wear them down quicker and make it difficult for the truck driver to maintain steering control.

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