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Who Is Liable for Waterpark Injuries?

| Aug 15, 2017 | Uncategorized

Summertime is the most popular time to go to a waterpark on a hot day. However, this type of environment tends to spawn all sorts of potential dangers. Water tends to be everywhere, which means slip-and-fall accidents are common. Likewise, people don’t often notice when they start to become dehydrated. Under the hot sun, they can often suffer heat-related illnesses.

While some of these situations can’t be helped, there are some cases where outright negligence contributed to an accident and a resulting serious injury or even wrongful death. In one tragic case, a 10-year-old body was decapitated on a giant waterslide at a Kansas waterpark. The family sued the park and anyone else responsible for failing to determine the ride’s safety issues. Read more about the situation

Similar accidents involving dangerous rides and water slides are the responsibility of the owners of the park. The owners are liable for any injuries caused by their attractions, ad they are responsible for ensuring the safety of their guests. Even if the accident is the fault of one of the employees, the waterpark owners would still be as responsible as their employer. Although, if an employee assaulted someone in the park, the injured party might only be able to sue that employee.

Likewise, if a waterpark asks you to sign a release of liability, you might be liable for own injuries, despite any fault of the park and its employees. These releases prevent people from suing a waterpark and its workers for injuries or even deaths that occur in the park. While they aren’t always legally sounds, you may be the only responsible party if a court upholds it.

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