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We’ll Fight For You After A Motor Vehicle Accident

Getting the right legal counsel is crucial in an accident case.

We represent people, not companies

Why Hire Us?

Proven Success

We’ve helped countless people just like you recover compensation to pay their bills and recover from an accident.

Tough Advocacy

We understand how to speak on your behalf to the court and jurors and how to protect you during a trial, if necessary.

Legacy And Experience

Our team has provided excellent service to our clients for years, earning us recognition and awards for our work.

How Can We Help You?

When navigating the aftermath of a car accident, your focus should be on recovering and moving on, not going to trial and paying your bills. At Scarzafava, Basdekis & Dadey, PLLC, our steadfast commitment to success on behalf of our clients can help you recover the money you need.

Our experienced attorneys will fight for fair compensation so you can cover your expenses, including:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional and psychological distress
  • Damages including repair costs
  • Medical bills
  • Lost income
  • Other out-of-pocket expenses

Don’t let a car accident haunt you with bills and expenses, let our team of legal professionals represent you so you can get the compensation you need.

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We Know How To Help

A car accident can shake you, and it can feel overwhelming. At Scarzafava, Basdekis & Dadey, PLLC, we know this firsthand. That’s why we’ve dedicated our practice to advocating for victims of motor vehicle accidents. With decades of combined legal experience, award-wining counsel and personalized, one-on-one attention for all our clients, you can rest assured we know how to help you. Only Scarzafava, Basdekis & Dadey, PLLC, has handled cases against some of the nation’s biggest companies and corporations and achieved landmark results. Now, let us handle your case – big or small.

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