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Avoid Slipping and Falling on New York Sidewalks This Winter

| Nov 30, 2017 | Uncategorized

New York sidewalks, particularly in New York City, are often crowded, busy
places. People walk to and from their homes, workplaces, and other destinations
daily and at all hours. Sidewalks are created and maintained by the city
for the ease, comfort, and safety of New York citizens, but if the city
fails to repair damage to public areas, they could face liability issues
after an accident.

Sidewalks can pose a huge issue when not properly maintained, particularly
for seniors. Potholes, uneven pavement, and ice can cause slip and fall
accidents and serious injuries to pedestrians. Falls are the leading cause
of accidental death for people over the age of 60, so being cautious is
extremely important for older people.

The best way to avoid slip and fall accidents this winter is simply to
be aware of your environment. Watch the ground for large potholes or cracks
so you can avoid them when they appear. During the winter, wear sturdy
boots with good traction and walk at a slower pace to avoid problems on
icy sidewalks.

Likewise, if you see dangerous conditions on the sidewalk, report them
to the building owners responsible for that patch of ground or to law
enforcement officials. Reporting problems can keep other pedestrians safe.

If an accident does occur, property owners are legally responsible for
keeping sidewalks adjacent to their properties in a reasonably safe condition.
This responsibility includes fixing potholes and cracks, and shoveling
snow and salting ice during the winter.

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