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In 2014, there were almost 300,000 car crashes in New York alone, killing a total of 1,026 people. What do you think was one of the leading causes of many of these crashes? Distracted driving.

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What Counts As Distracted Driving?

Looking at these numbers doesn’t tell you what exactly distracted the drivers involved, but people have a generally good idea.

Some of the following factors could lead to a car crash:

  • Cellphone use – In particular, texting and driving is a common cause of distracted driving crashes
  • Talking to other passengers
  • Changing the radio/temperature
  • Eating
  • Dropping objects
  • Loose pets
  • Outside events
  • Smoking

Even hands-free calling devices can be problematic if the computer fails to recognize who you would like to call. Don’t believe in the myth of multitasking. While you may be able to do two things at once, multitasking while driving decreases your ability to do even one task perfectly.

For example, activity in the area of the brain that processes moving images (the one people use to see things out the windshield) decreases by up to 1/3 when talking on the phone.

Distracted Driving Fatalities In Oneonta

Sadly, not every victim of distracted driving survives. In 2018, the NHTSA reported 2,841 deaths resulting from distracted driving accidents. This includes drivers, passengers, pedestrians and cyclists. If you have lost a loved one in a distracted driving accident, you may be eligible to receive compensation to help offset expenses such as:

  • Funeral/burial expenses
  • Medical expenses for treatment received prior to their death
  • Pain and suffering experienced by the individual prior to their death
  • Lost future income or financial support for the surviving family

We can help guide you through the process of filing a wrongful death claim.

Distracted Driving Statistics

In many auto accidents, it is a driver’s inattention that leads to collisions. How many accidents are caused by distracted driving? According to a country-wide survey, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that out of 29,989 fatal crashes in the United States that year, 10% of them were caused by distracted drivers. In addition, 18% of all injury crashes were caused by distraction.

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