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A seemingly pleasant interaction with a dog can turn ugly in a heartbeat the moment the dog attacks. If you or someone you love have suffered from a dog bite, our Oneonta dog bite attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve. We understand the scarring and injuries that victims suffer are emotionally crippling, and we’re ready to make your case our top priority so you can focus on healing.

Understanding the New York Dog Bite Law

When it comes to understanding New York laws about dog bites, it can be a bit complex. New York is a “mixed” state, meaning the provisions are included in state, county and city laws. It mixes the one-bite rule with a limited degree of strict liability. Additionally, New York dog bite statutes state that the owner of a dog who attacks another person is liable for the medical costs of any injuries the dog causes.

Hiring a Knowledgable Legal Team Can Help

Our legal team at Scarzafava, Basdekis & Dadey, PLLC has been serving victims throughout the tri-county area and has been rated a Tier 1 metro area personal injury law firm by U.S. News & World Report. We’ve worked hard to defend our clients’ rights in the past, and we’re prepared to do the same for you.

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Dog Bites Injuries

In addition to the physical pain, instances of dog bites and attacks can also often result in emotional damage and post-traumatic stress. Even if the owner used a reasonable amount of effort to control the dog, he or she is still liable for your injuries.

Injuries caused by dog bites and attacks commonly include:

  • Puncture wounds
  • Infection
  • Facial scarring
  • Nerve damage

Some injuries for dog bites require extensive medical care and cosmetic surgery for those that are severely scarred. Oftentimes, insurance companies want to dictate the course of your settlement, but if you retain the legal services of Scarzafava, Basdekis & Dadey, PLLC, our committed Oneonta dog bite lawyers will work tirelessly to advocate for more than just monetary compensation – we’ll fight to protect your rights as a victim.

Scarzafava, Basdekis & Dadey, PLLC, is Here For You

Our Oneonta dog bite attorneys understand that the injuries you or a loved one suffered from a dangerous dog and a negligent owner are more than skin deep. We take immense pride in giving victims the high-quality representation they need to get back on their feet and on with their lives.

The path to recovery is too long to face alone. Contact our Oneonta firm today to schedule your initial case consultation.