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Legal Guidance for a Truck Accident Suit in Oneonta

Have you or someone you love sustained injuries as a result of a negligent truck driver? If you've been in a truck accident, you deserve a lawyer who knows the laws and how they affect your personal injury case.

Filing a suit on your own may be more cost-effective, but having an attorney who will protect your rights and fight on your behalf is much more likely to help you reach a successful outcome.

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Unique Legal Attention for Truck Accident Injuries

Accidents involving big rigs or 18-wheelers come with different sets of legal challenges. Commercial truckers must follow stricter state and federal regulations and higher insurance policies, which means that it may be easier to defend your claim. Multiple parties may also be at fault in a truck accident. An experienced attorney may know the best strategy to help you achieve the compensation that your case deserves.

Our firm goes to great lengths to examine the details of your case and put together the course of action which will be most effective. We have earned a reputation for our attention to detail and for working tirelessly for our clients.

We work to help you obtain damages for the following:

  • Medical bills
  • Emergency expenses
  • Follow-up treatment costs
  • Loss of wages
  • Future loss of wages
  • Property damages
  • Emotional pain and suffering
  • Wrongful death claims

Serving Victims Throughout the Tri-County Area

Would you like an opportunity to sit down with one of our Oneonta truck accident attorneys? We understand that accidents are very stressful times and we look forward to discussing the details of your case to help alleviate some of your anxiety.

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