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Are motorcycles covered by New York no-fault insurance?

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents

New York has different motor vehicle insurance requirements than many other states. In addition to liability coverage that protects you from financial exposure after a car crash, you also have to pay for no-fault coverage when you register a four-wheeled vehicle.

As many people can easily tell from the name, no-fault coverage provides medical protection even if you were the one to blame for the crash. Obviously, the financial costs from a wreck are a concern regardless of what sort of transportation you utilize.

Of course, when you ride a motorcycle, the possibility of a catastrophic outcome to a collision is notably higher. Can you rely on your no-fault coverage, which is usually at least $10,000, to help cover medical costs after a New York motorcycle collision?

No-fault insurance does not apply to motorcycles

Unfortunately, no-fault coverage only applies to standard four-wheeled vehicles. New York only requires liability coverage for motorcycle riders. While you can purchase additional coverage to enhance your protection when you are on your motorcycle, the standard no-fault coverage on your basic automotive policy will not protect you after a motorcycle crash.

You will instead need to bring a claim against the liability coverage of the other driver. Their medical coverage should reimburse you for at least some of your lost wages and medical bills. Of course, basic insurance in New York doesn’t cover very much. You could have just $10,000 to repair your motorcycle and $25,000 for both medical bills and lost income.

Those who suffer more severe injuries in a wreck may need to consider a more aggressive approach to covering their losses, such as filing a civil lawsuit in addition to an insurance claim. When the other driver broke the law or did something negligent at the wheel, New York state law allows you to ask for reimbursement for the damage they caused in civil court.

Especially if the other driver has low policy limits on their coverage or had a lapse insurance policy, taking them to civil court might be the easiest way to connect with full reimbursement for your lost wages, medical expenses and other crash costs. Understanding the rules that apply to New York insurance coverage will benefit those who have recently experienced a motorcycle crash.