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Should I Say “Sorry” After an Accident?

| Sep 30, 2017 | Car Accidents

Car accidents are overwhelming and chaotic and, regardless if you were
at fault or not, you might be inclined to apologize for it, thinking that
it is a kind gesture to offer during a traumatic time. However, apologizing
after an accident can potentially harm the outcome of your personal injury
claim and compromise the compensation you might have otherwise been able
to obtain. This does not mean you need to be inconsiderate or rude in
the aftermath, but there are other ways to exhibit compassion to others
than by saying something you might regret later on.

Here is what you should know about apologizing after having been involved
in an accident:

1.It is an admission of fault: Saying that you are sorry is essentially an admission of fault for the
accident, which is why you should never say it to any of the drivers or
passengers involved or law enforcement. The police officers at the scene
will write a report and it is entirely possible that your apology will
end up being documented, which the at-fault party’s insurance provider
will use against you.

2.It can be used as evidence of culpability: Insurance providers will do everything possible to avoid having to compensate
you. If you apologize, they will attempt to use this as evidence that
you are, at the very least, partially responsible for the accident. This
might not be enough to deny you of compensation, but it could be enough
to reduce the amount.

3.You lack all the facts: Even if you think you are at fault for the accident, you do not yet know
all the facts and cannot definitively say whether or not you deserve any
blame. Leave that to investigators, insurance adjusters, and to your personal
injury attorney to determine.

4.Focus on the important things: If you really want to be nice, make sure that everyone is okay and call
for emergency medical assistance, if necessary. Apologizing will not do
anyone any good, so leave that out of your vocabulary and focus on the
important things, such as exchanging information, taking pictures, and
contacting the police.

5.Do not apologize to the insurance company: Not only should you refrain from apologizing to others involved in the
accident, but you should never apologize to the insurance company. They
will use it against you. Allow your personal injury attorney to handle
your dealings with the insurance company to avoid making any costly mistakes.

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