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Pictures You Should Take After an Accident

| Mar 20, 2018 | Car Accidents

There are many crucial steps to take after having been involved in a car accident, including taking pictures at the scene. The more evidence you are able to build up, the stronger your case will be, which means you will have a higher likelihood of being able to obtain the compensation you need. To ensure you are effectively collecting the evidence you need, read on to learn more about the types of pictures you should take after a car accident:

  • The entire scene: It should go without saying that your first priority at the scene of an accident should be to make sure everyone is safe and, if necessary, to call for emergency medical assistance. Afterward, you should attempt to take some wide-angle photos of the accident scene. Being able to capture the entirety of the accident’s aftermath will provide a general depiction of how the vehicles appeared in relation to the road and the surrounding area. This vital evidence you will not have another chance to get.
  • The vehicles involved: The next photos you take should be of the vehicles involved in the crash. Make sure to take close-ups of the damaged areas of each vehicle, the exterior, the interior, and any debris from the cars on the road. Try to get numerous shots from different angles since they might help you or your personal injury attorney discover something new later on.
  • Individuals involved, including witnesses: Take pictures of any injuries you sustained and the injuries of others involved. If there were any eyewitnesses at the scene, identify them and take their pictures.
  • The road: Document the condition of the road, such as any skid marks that might be present. Why? The length and width of these marks can identify which driver tried to slam his or her brakes prior to impact as well as the direction a car was going before and after braking. These images can also indicate the position of the vehicle before it began to brake.
  • Traffic signs: Photos of traffic signs can show whether or not an individual failed to obey traffic rules. Take pictures of lights, stop signs, yield signs, and other street markings.

The more pictures you take, the better. You can always delete any duplicates or unnecessary photos once you have a moment to review them, but you can never go back and get the same pictures, so keep snapping away and worry about getting rid of the ones you do not need later on.

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