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Common Places for Slip & Fall Accidents

| Sep 19, 2018 | Personal Injury

Slip and fall accidents are among some of the most common accidents that occur. They can happen anywhere and at any time, often resulting in injuries. Additionally, where your slip and fall injury occurs will determine who you can potentially hold liable and what steps you will need to take to do so. If you suffered an injury during a slip and fall accident, make sure you seek legal advice from an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Below is a list of some of the most common places for slip and fall accidents:

  • Grocery stores and big box stores: When a slip and fall accident occurs at a store like Home Depot or a supermarket like Vons, things can get quite complicated when it comes to proving liability. Many of these stores require an official notice of the accident, such as an incident report, and are also backed by skilled legal teams. To level the playing field, it is crucial to hire an attorney who can stand up the store’s insurance company and fight on your behalf for compensation.
  • Hotels and resorts: Much like big box stores and grocery stores, hotels and resorts also often require those who sustain injuries on their property to follow certain procedures when it comes to reporting the injury and notifying the appropriate parties of its occurrence.
  • Small businesses: Unlike bigger businesses that might have a formal process for accident reports, small businesses might not have the same requirements, which can give you a chance to focus more on pursuing your claim.
  • Private homes: Of course, you could also fall while visiting someone’s private home. If you are worried that your compensation will come from the homeowner, keep in mind that most of the money you receive will come from their insurance company.
  • Public spaces: If you slip and fall while at a public park, public building, street, or sidewalk, it is possible that you could hold a government entity liable for it if proven that they failed to provide a safe environment. Given that these types of cases present complicated procedural challenges, you should not hesitate to hire legal assistance to help you navigate your claim every step of the way.
  • Work: One of the most common places where people sustain injuries is at work. Unlike any of the other places on this list, however, a case like this would be covered by workers’ compensation. Generally, unless your employer harmed you on purpose, you would not be able to file a personal
    injury claim since the workers’ compensation system is not based on fault.

Why does the location of your slip and fall accident matter? It impacts how the court identifies all responsible parties and who you are able to sue and recover compensation from. If you are unsure who you should hold liable for your slip and fall injuries, contact an attorney to begin discussing the details of your case.

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