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Personal Injury

Right of Way and Liability in Pedestrian Accidents

When a car hits a pedestrian, the driver is not automatically at fault. Walkers are expected to obey traffic laws just like everyone else. Just because they are more vulnerable than a driver, they are not shielded from liability. In fact, a driver could even sue a badly injured pedestrian. Understanding the right of way is a big part of…

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How Do Attorneys Calculate Pain and Suffering Damages?

We hear a lot of talk about “pain and suffering” in lawsuits. Essentially, this is extra financial compensation that someone receives for their injuries. Of course, no amount of money can fix pain of an injury, but pain and suffering rewards can offer some relief. They give someone breathing room, allowing them to rebuild their lives with fewer financial woes.…

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Can I File a Lawsuit Over Emotional Distress?

Depending on your circumstances, you can file a lawsuit for your emotional distress. To be clear, this does not include a relationship gone wrong or an unhappy childhood. Legally speaking, emotional distress happens when someone, through either negligence or direct intent, wrongs you. The result of that wrong is severe trauma or distress, affecting every aspect of your life. Typically,…

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How Do Lawyers Investigate Personal Injury Cases?

Proving fault in a personal injury case is often about showing a defendant’s negligence. Sometimes that negligence is direct, and the facts are obvious. For example, imagine a driver who was clearly speeding through multiple stop signs and hit another driver who was obeying traffic laws. A case like this requires little investigation. This is what you might call an…

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Are Slip-and-Fall Lawsuits Frivolous?

In the U.S., it is technically legal to file a lawsuit for any reason, but a lawsuit does not automatically go forward just because it was filed. Often, judges will “throw out” a case that they believe has no merit. Sometimes, however, lawsuits that seem unjustified make their way to court. People often refer to these suits as “frivolous.” What…

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