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Why Driving in the Summertime Can Be Dangerous

| Apr 23, 2019 | Car Accidents

Although many people believe the cold winter months are associated with dangerous driving conditions, summer presents its own set of risks. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports the months between July and September experience the highest number of car accident fatalities—with August being one of the most dangerous months to be on the road.

The following are several reasons why driving in the summer can be dangerous:

  • Young drivers – Since school is out for summer vacation, there will be an increased presence of teenagers and young adults on the road. However, since young drivers are typically inexperienced and sometimes reckless drivers due to their cell phone use, they are more vulnerable than other age groups to be involved in a collision.
  • Road trippers – Many people take road trips during the summertime, which can result in congested roads and difficult driving conditions. Traffic jams can result in reckless driving and even road rage. Furthermore, visitors who are unfamiliar with local roads often drive erratically and unpredictably, or even too slow.
  • Motorcycles and bicycles – The warm summer months give bikers and cyclists an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and drive on favorable road conditions. However, motorcycles and bicycles can be difficult for automobile drivers to see, especially if they are on the drivers’ blind spots.
  • Construction – The warmer weather is associated with an increase in road construction. Detours and traffic delays caused by work zones can cause significant traffic and driving hazards.
  • Malfunctioning auto parts – From tire blowouts to overheated engines, the summer heat can do a number on your vehicle. It is wise to get your car serviced after each season to ensure it is prepared for corresponding weather conditions and temperatures.

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