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Be cautious about your social media posts after a crash

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2022 | Car Accidents

After you’re involved in an auto crash, one of the things you might do is post online to tell friends and family that you’re okay. Before you do that, it’s important for you to think carefully about how what you post could negatively influence your personal injury claim.

After a collision, it’s true that the other party’s insurance or attorney will start looking into the claim to try to determine if you’re being truthful. If you post on social media that “you’re fine” or that you are recovering well, those posts could be used against you and end up reducing the value of your claim.

Social media is a big risk during a personal injury claim

Any kind of social media posts are risky during a personal injury claim. It can color other people’s vision and make them think one thing is true when another is your reality.

You should not post images of you enjoying a vacation or relaxing when you look completely normal if you’re claiming that you have severe pain, for example. Other people shouldn’t be posting videos of you at a party or tagging you in events that you went to. Why?

Even though you might have had a good day but otherwise be unable to enjoy your life normally, the documentation online is only showing the positive parts of your day. That means that insurance agents or other attorneys will gather that information and use it to try to claim that you’re not as badly injured as you say you are or that you don’t deserve as much compensation as you’re trying to claim.

Social media can hurt your personal injury case

Living with a personal injury is difficult, so you need to take the steps necessary to get as much compensation as you can. Avoiding social media is one of the steps you can take that will do a lot to protect you and your case. If you don’t stay offline, it’s possible that you or someone else could make a post that severely damages your case. If that happens, it will be much harder to get what you deserve.