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Common Mistakes Made After a Motor Vehicle Accident

| Dec 13, 2017 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

Motor vehicle accidents are a common occurrence. Some are minor, while
others inflict severe and life-altering injuries on those involved. That
said, no matter how common these incidents are, people commonly make mistakes
in the aftermath that harm their chances of obtaining much-needed and
deserved compensation. Given how stressful, overwhelming, and chaotic
these situations can be, it is easy to say or do the wrong thing at the
scene of an accident, which is why it is crucial to build an awareness
of them, so you are better able to avoid them in the future.

Here are some common mistakes people make after being involved in a motor
vehicle accident:

  • They did not call the police: Even if you believe your accident is minor, you should still call the
    police and make sure they file a report. This report is an objective record
    of the events that took place. Your insurance company and the at-fault
    party’s insurance company will want this vital piece of information,
    especially if your case ends up going through litigation.
  • You did not exchange insurance information: While the police report is a critical piece of evidence, and law enforcement
    officers often take down much of the pertinent information that is needed,
    you should still exchange car insurance information, even if no one seems
    to be hurt or damage is minimal. Painful symptoms of injuries often develop
    later, so it is always better to have this information at your disposal
    even if it turns out that you never end up having to use it.
  • You did not seek medical treatment: After an accident, people do not always seek medical treatment, especially
    if their injuries are not visibly apparent. This is a huge mistake since
    not all serious injuries are visible. In fact, many do not even produce
    symptoms until days, weeks, or even months later. If you did not seek
    medical treatment right away and later discover that you are injured,
    you are going to have trouble pursuing compensation since an insurance
    company might try to argue that you are making it up or that your injuries
    are not actually connected to the accident. Protect your health and your
    chances of compensation by seeking medical treatment.
  • You settled too quickly: The insurance company’s goal is to either pay you nothing or to
    pay you as little as possible. Coaxing you into settling quickly is often
    one of the ways in which they achieve this goal since it is usually too
    soon to know the extent of your injuries or what your case might be worth.
    Do yourself a favor and first consult with a personal injury attorney
    before considering any offers.

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