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Tips to Make Your Teen a Safer Driver

| Jan 11, 2018 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

For parents, watching your teen hit the all-important milestone of finally
being able to drive can be a bittersweet moment. You are undoubtedly proud
of their growth, but also likely concerned for their wellbeing and safety.
While there is no substitute for the wisdom that age and earned experience
that comes with time and practice, you can still take some effective measures
to ensure your teen is a safer driver and is not posing a danger to others
or to himself or herself.

Below are some helpful tips to make your teen a safer driver:

1.Turn off the phone and keep it out of sight: For teens, this often seems like a tall order, but the fact is that distracted
driving is dangerous and affects drivers of all ages. Although cell phones
are not the only tempting distraction, they are the most common source
of accidents that involve distracted driving, particularly among teens.
You can also set a good example for your teens by putting your cell phone
away while driving.

2.Obey the speed limit: Speeding is another common cause of car accidents on roadways across the
country and teens are especially guilty of engaging in this reckless habit.
When riding with your teen driver, be sure to point out any incidents
of excessive speed so they become accustomed to monitoring themselves.

3.Zero alcohol tolerance: Although teen drivers are much less likely than adults are when it comes
to making the poor decision to drink and drive, they are more affected
when they do. Impress the importance of not drinking to your teen and
make sure you discuss the consequences that could result from having even
one drink.

4.Make seatbelts a habit: An overwhelming number of drivers still neglect to wear their seatbelts,
including teen drivers. The consequences of failing to do so can be disastrous,
however, so make sure you ingrain this habit into your teen driver, so
it becomes second nature.

5.Always maintain a safe following distance: A good rule of thumb regarding following distance is that for every 10
miles per hour of speed, a driver should keep about one car length between
his or her vehicle and the vehicle ahead. This allows plenty of time to
avoid unexpected obstacles on the road.

6.Watch the weather: Even the most experienced drivers should watch out for the weather and
avoid driving in poor conditions. Teens should be particularly cautious
given that they tend to lack experience when it comes to dealing with
difficult conditions like snow, ice, or fog. If they must drive during
bad weather, teach them to compensate for these conditions by reducing
speed and increasing following distance.

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