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What Should I Ask My Doctor After a Car Accident?

| Mar 8, 2018 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

Car accidents happen out of the blue and often leave survivors in a state of shock. In the midst of the chaos that frequently occurs in the aftermath, you might neglect to seek medical attention, especially if you believe your injuries are minor or do not warrant a trip to the doctor. Unfortunately, this is a big mistake. Not all serious injuries produce symptoms right away and, in fact, many worsen over a span of time. Delaying treatment can not only negatively impact your health, but make it much more difficult for you to obtain the compensation that you need, so make it a priority to visit your doctor after being involved in an accident.

While you are at the doctor’s office, you should also be ready to ask some important questions. We have compiled a list of questions accident survivors should ask the doctor after a car accident:

  • What are my injuries? How will they affect my life? Understanding the extent of your injuries is necessary for making a full recovery. Plus, getting the doctor’s answers to these questions will be vital to your personal injury case. Also remember to never skip a follow-up appointment. Doing so could affect your personal injury claim.
  • Is it likely that my injury will cause other health concerns in the future? Unfortunately, there are some injuries that people do not heal from fully. Make sure that you understand what long-term effects your injury might have and seek out any possible treatment for minimizing symptoms or discomfort.
  • What caused my injuries? Of course, you know that being involved in a motor vehicle accident caused your injuries. The purpose of this question is to understand, more specifically, how an injury or injuries were sustained. Did you sustain a brain injury because your head hit the steering wheel? A doctor probably cannot give a definitive answer, but he or she will be able to provide an expert opinion that has a great amount of value for your case.
  • Can I go back to work? Taking time off from work is often necessary for injured victims, even if the injuries are not that severe. Returning to work sooner than is recommended can make a smaller injury worse and prolong the process of recovery. Ask your doctor if it is safe for you to return to work and, if he or she advises that you take time off, request a written letter. This letter can also be used as evidence in your personal injury claim to prove how much your injuries negatively impacted your daily life.
  • May I have copies of my medical records? In order for you to have a strong personal injury case, you will need thorough documentation of your injury, which is why it is imperative that you obtain copies of your medical records. Doctors typically provide these if you ask, but some require a more formal request before these documents can be given to you. No matter what steps are required, do what is necessary to acquire them.

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