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Myths About Seat Belts and Motor Vehicle Accidents

| Oct 10, 2018 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

Motor vehicles are equipped with some pretty incredible safety features nowadays, but despite these advances in technology, there is still no substitute for wearing a seat belt. Moreover, not wearing a seat belt is a violation that drivers can be ticketed for across the United States. In New York, not wearing a seat belt is a primary offense, which means drivers could be pulled over if they or a passenger is not buckled up. Given that statistics show seat belts save over 13,000 lives a year, why
would you not wear one?

Part of the reason why many people choose not to buckle up is because of the myths and personal prejudices against them. Below is a list of some of the most common myths and some facts to debunk them:

  • Seat belts are uncomfortable and restrict your movement: If your seat belt is in any way uncomfortable or restrictive, chances are it is not properly adjusted. According to a research study conducted by the Transportation Safety Board, drivers who avoided buckling up due to discomfort found that these issues were resolved after their seat belts were correctly adjusted.
  • Not wearing a seat belt will not hurt anyone other than yourself: Considering that your life is at risk when you fail to wear a seat belt, not wearing one will absolutely affect your loved ones. Additionally, it can put other motorists in danger since, without one, there is a greater chance of you losing control of your vehicle during an accident.
  • Seat belts make it difficult for you to escape your vehicle during a crash: There is a substantially higher likelihood of you becoming unconscious in a car crash if you are not wearing a seat belt, which means you will certainly be unable to escape your vehicle. Wearing your seat belt will help prevent this, giving you a chance to escape.
  • It is much better to be thrown from the wreckage during a car accident: In movies, this might be the case, but in real life, you are four times as likely to sustain a fatal injury if you are thrown from your vehicle during a car wreck. Buckle up and it you will be more likely to survive.
  • It takes too much time to fasten up a seat belt dozens of times a day: It might seem tedious to have to buckle up so frequently, but the act of doing so only takes about three seconds. Even if you had to buckle your seat belt 20 times a day, this only adds up to a minute. Everyone has a minute to spare for their lives.
  • You do not need a seat belt when driving at a low speed: No matter what speed you are driving at, a car accident can still result in injuries. For example, if you were traveling at a speed of 30 mph,
    your unbuckled body would continue to travel forward into your vehicle’s frontal interior components at this speed in a collision. This is essentially the same velocity as a person falling from atop of a three-story building.

It might not seem important, but wearing your seat belt can actually save your life. The act of buckling up should practically be second-nature and part of your routine every single time you get into a vehicle as a
passenger or driver.

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