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Road Safety Tips for Halloween

| Oct 19, 2020 | Car Accidents, Pedestrian Accident

Driving at night always comes with the extra risk of getting into a car crash due to the decreased visibility of night and the increased likelihood of drunk and fatigued drivers on the road. Halloween night is especially dangerous, however. An influx of pedestrians, many of them excitable children wearing dark-colored costumes, take to the streets for trick or treating and other outdoor activities, often just as the sun starts to set.

Our Oneonta car accident lawyers are here with some road safety tips to help you avoid getting into a pedestrian accident while driving this Halloween.

Slow Down

Speeding is never a good idea, but it’s especially crucial that you stay at or below the posted speed limits on Halloween, especially in residential areas. Children may behave unpredictably, so even when you are driving by kids who are on the sidewalk, slow down and watch them carefully in case someone suddenly darts into the street.

Wait Before Passing Stopped Vehicles

If you see a vehicle stopped on the street, wait a moment before passing—they may be picking up or dropping off children and if you speed by someone could get hurt. Also, make sure to watch for children when passing parked cars as kids may recklessly cross the street behind or between them.

Don’t Drive Drunk or Distracted

Put your phone and all other electronics and distractions away before you drive. Even looking away from the road for a few seconds can be deadly. Also, keep your music at a low volume so you can hear people and other cars approaching.

Though it should go without saying, if you plan on partaking in some adult Halloween fun, don’t get behind the wheel after you have been drinking. Contact a rideshare service or get a lift home from someone else. This may sound obvious, but the warning isn’t unwarranted—42% of all motor vehicle crash fatalities on Halloween between 2013 to 2017 involved DUIs.

Use Your Headlights

Turn your lights on to help trick or treaters spot you more easily—even in the early evening before the sun goes down. However, make sure to keep your brights off so you don’t blind anyone!

Drive Defensively

Unfortunately, there probably will be a lot of irresponsible drivers out on Halloween night. Do your part by remaining focused and alert as well as by yielding to children and other pedestrians. Understand that it might take you a bit longer than usual to reach your destination and remind yourself that at least this only happens once a year. Finally, if you see someone driving drunk or otherwise recklessly, contact the authorities to report the driver before they hurt someone. By remaining calm and focused, you should be able to enjoy a safe drive on Halloween!

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