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Pedestrian Accident

Right of Way and Liability in Pedestrian Accidents

When a car hits a pedestrian, the driver is not automatically at fault. Walkers are expected to obey traffic laws just like everyone else. Just because they are more vulnerable than a driver, they are not shielded from liability. In fact, a driver could even sue a badly injured pedestrian. Understanding the right of way is a big part of…

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Road Safety Tips for Halloween

Driving at night always comes with the extra risk of getting into a car crash due to the decreased visibility of night and the increased likelihood of drunk and fatigued drivers on the road. Halloween night is especially dangerous, however. An influx of pedestrians, many of them excitable children wearing dark-colored costumes, take to the streets for trick or treating…

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Determining Fault in a Car vs. Pedestrian Accident

In a state like New York, being a pedestrian comes with a great amount of risk. Last year, traffic deaths—including those involving people commuting on foot—increased in New York City. Even those living in cities and towns located outside the Big Apple are at risk. Because pedestrians are afforded much less protection than people in cars (and those responsible enough…

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