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Wrongful Death

Can Peloton Be Held Liable for Their Recalled Treadmills?

Peloton, a company known for its exercise machines, recently recalled many of its treadmills in a highly publicized move. Reports of adults, children, and even pets being injured by the brand’s Tread and Tread+ machines made the news, and Peloton responded poorly; at first claiming that no one would be hurt as long as they used the treadmills correctly. Not…

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Who Can File a Wrongful Death Suit in New York?

Personal injury cases are designed to provide compensation to people who were hurt by someone else’s negligence. Unlike a criminal court, the defendant doesn’t serve jail time or community service if they lose. Instead, they will owe money to the plaintiff, the person suing them. Personal injury suits typically involve someone who survived their injuries, but this is not the…

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